Brand New Shoes



Affordable Indian Hair is now LuTress Premium Hair Extensions!!  Yayyy!!  We informed many of you on our Facebook page  that big and exciting changes were in the works for us.  Here is the first newest change.  A brand new blog!!  Like breaking in brand new shoes, it might hurt a bit at first, but with time it gets better.  Some people balk against change.  That’s understandable.  We want these changes to appear seamless for you.  We are open to your comments and suggestions as we move forward.  You can expect this blog to keep you informed about what is going on with LuTress, latest hair trends, our products etc.  We want to not only be your number one choice for quality hair extensions, but also your number one source for industry news and updates.  We are ready to walk in our new shoes and embrace change and continue to grow and expand!  Are you with us?!?!  Subscribe to our blog so you are never left behind.  Read us regularly and comment often.  Share what you like and move pass what you dont!    Our goal is as it has always been, to educate you, and to give the best service and hair products that your money can buy.  Share the good news!


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