Summertime Hair

It is June at long last. If your family is anything like mine then the month of June is the beginning of summer family fun! Weather its going to the zoo, the aviary, the beach, etc., the summer is the time to get out of the regular routine and do fun and adventurous activities with our family. Summer also signals a time for change. As women, one of the easiest and most impactful outward changes that we could make is with our hair! Adding a fun new color, or getting a trim, or of course, adding new extensions, is a way to switch it up for the summer. Our product of the month for June is Beach Wave from the Allure collection. If you want a look that is less time consuming, and very flattering, consider taking advantage of the 10% off this month. LuTress beach wave is soft and luxurious, it has a well defined natural looking wave pattern. The Allure Beach Wave can be purchased in several length, as to create natural layers. Low maintenance, and beautiful texture, what more could you ask for!?

Also I wanted to let you guys know about #turnupthursday this month! Next Thursday June 12th is the second of LuTress monthly installment of #turnupthursday. Come and hang out and drink wine and unwind at the boutique. Let the stress of the week melt away, and get right for the weekend ahead! Nibble, sip, chat…its a good time. 6pm-8pm on Thursday June 12th @ LuTress. Bring a friend! See you next week!

Lastly, don’t forget to follow LuTress on Twitter and on Instagram. We dont always post the same things on each social network, so following LuTress on places other that Facebook will keep you completely in the loop as to what LuTress is up to. The next time that you are at the boutique make sure that you sign up for the birthday club. In the month of your birthday you receive 20% off of your purchase at LuTress on the texture of your choice. Tell all of your girlfriends to sign up now so that they don’t miss out by the time their birthday rolls around!


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