I’ve Lost My Sexy!!!

I just came in from a 3 mile run and while I fancy myself a runner I’m actually just a jogger. The thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when I’m wearing my natural hair I get FAR LESS attention than when I’m wearing my weave. I believe that if we are honest with ourselves we would admit just how important attention from some interested person is. Whether we are available or not, we still want to know that we are attractive to others. I also believe that the of importance being attractive (outwardly any way) can vary depending on what stage we are in our lives. For example, I am a 44 year old, first time mother of a 2 year old and all that matters to me at this juncture is what he thinks. When I’m getting dressed and put on a pretty necklace and he says “you look like a princess mommy!” what more confirmation do I need?

That being said, my feelings (or ego as it may be) are not so hurt by the lack of cat calls I receive today as compared to 10 years ago. This may be the case for me, but for some people it is very important that they look good at all times. As a matter of fact, some people depend on appearance to keep a job. It becomes particularly important when something out of your control is the culprit, i.e. health issues and other causes of hair loss. Losing your hair for any reason can be devastating and it is not just about vanity. It is about your psyche being whole.

Stay tuned to my blog where we will talk about the effects of hair loss and share helpful treatments and systems that may help many of you.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Sexy!!!

  1. TR says:

    I believe that I got less attention when I first went natural and stopped straightening my hair. However, the attention i do get now to me is more genuine, because they are seeing the real me. As well as , as my hair got longer more attention was being shown. I think that it is not necessarily about being naturally from people of the opposite sex, but the actual length of the hair

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