LuTress provides expertise in the hair loss/hair replacement field.  We provide our customers with the very best high quality virgin human hair extensions on the market, at an affordable price range for every budget. We offer various systems for regrowing thinning hair and hair replacement units made of real human hair from all corners of the world including: European hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Asian hair, and more. Hands down, we carry  the best human hair products available.  See for yourself.  Visit our website and order your today!

Purple circle LutressFounder and certified hair loss/hair replacement specialist, Ama Baltimore is a pioneer in the hair industry in the tri-state area.  After becoming frustrated with the substandard products available at beauty supply stores, she founded Affordable Indian Hair in 2008 with just $800.  For the first three years she continued to work full time as a leader in the nonprofit industry until she decided to quit her job and go back to school to obtain her license as a cosmetologist.  Since that time, she has become the go to extensions specialist in the city of Pittsburgh.  She has worked with the top stylists in the city and has provided products for the wives of professional football players, television personalities and women all over the country whose hair care priority is obtaining a superior product for their hair care needs.

In 2014 Affordable Indian Hair changed its name to  LuTress Premium Hair Extensions.  We continue to maintain an impeccable reputation for excellence in customer service and superior quality of hair additions.  At LuTress our goal continues to be to educate women on the products they spend their hard earned money for because knowledge is power.