To Weave or Not to Weave?

I see and talk to many women about their hair on a very regular basis. One of the questions that comes up on a regular basis is, “Should I get extensions?”. There is really no straightforward way to answer this question without FIRST asking some questions of my own. Here are some of the questions I ask of my potential clients before WE (because I decide along with my client) decide to go with extensions AND make the decision as to which extension type will work best for the client. You should NEVER have your hair done by someone that doesn’t ask you questions. Also, before deciding on a stylist or the hair you’ll buy, get references from others and look for reviews on line.

Question #1 Tell me about your lifestyle


While this is not exactly a question, here I don’t want the client to give a yes or no answer so we leave it open ended. I want to know what they do on a daily basis. Do you work outside of the home? Do you exercise on a daily basis? Swim? Do you have little children? Are you going on vacation? All these things can determine what hairstyle may work best for you.

Question #2 Have you ever worn extensions before?

This question helps me to decide if the client will know something about what they are getting into. The things to consider here are maintenance, cost, comfortability as well as other things. If you haven’t worn extensions before then all of these things should be clearly explained, both the good and bad sides of each. Don’t jump right into a sew-in if you hate wearing tight things on your head or you absolutely always need to get to your scalp.

Questions #3 What is your ultimate goal?

This is important in so many ways. If your goal is to avoid maintenance then you don’t want to go with a style that requires daily styling, i.e, layers that look horrible if not curled or even very kinky afro hair that has to be brushed out and wet down every day. If you are attempting to grow your hair out then you may want put all of your hair away which would require someone who really knows what they’re doing if you want it to look believable. If you want to look fabulous all the time and don’t mind a little maintenance then there’s something for your as well.

Question #4 What is your budget?


You should always have a budget in mind when deciding to get extensions. The cost of extensions runs the gamut but you should know YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! In my shop we charge $175 for a sew in IF you are purchasing our hair. If you decide to bring your own that’s fine too but you don’t get the discounted price of $175; it’s actually much higher. I have some clients who proclaim “You’re so expensive!!” While I have others that believe that we’re dirt cheap. I tell this story to say budgets are relative to people. I’m a firm believer that you should NEVER skimp when buying hair, if you can’t afford really good hair save up for it. In the end it’s an investment and you’ll pay much more over time (depending on your ultimate goal) if you don’t invest well upfront.

Question #5 Who is going to install my extensions?Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 1.37.10 AM

Please, please, please choose wisely. Again, this is not where you want to skimp, it will cost you more in the long run. Get references from friends whose hair you like, search on line for reviews. Try Yelp, Facebook and Google for starters. If you talk to a stylist and they can only install one type of extension then you probably want to opt for another more diverse stylist so they will know and understand what to offer you in your particular and unique case.

Hair Replacement For Thinning Hairline

Many of my clients come to me looking for options for their thinning hair lines. For some, we can treat the hair, while others are only interested in covering up.  There are so many methods for addinng hair to increase volume, add length and cover thinning. Here are some before and after pics of an install I did to cover a thin hair line.   

Ignore Thomas the train!

  Here you see the thin hair line. It can be tricky   to add lace pieces in this case because of the lack of hair on the perimeter that can be used to attach the unit. Here’s how we do it:   

In these pics we’ve installed a net and “created” a perimeter that we can attach the lace unit to. 

I failed to take pics of the installed closure 😦 Here is the lace closure we used:   

Here’s the finished results:   


 Stay tuned for more pics and videos of different types of installations and solutions for your hair. 

Who Wants To Read About Hair Anyway…

You know how you had that teacher in school that would say, “The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked”. Well I’m not so sure about that statement because my title (in my opinion) is the dumbest question ever asked! I guess because I get so excited talking about hair I can’t imagine how one could not be interested!

Who has hair? EVERYONE. Who wants to keep their hair? ALMOST everyone. So who am I writing to/about? ALMOST everyone. Here are a few statistics:
1 in 4 men will start losing their hair by the time he reaches 30. That statistic jumps to 1 in 2 by the time he’s 50.
1 in 4 women suffer from loss and thinning hair. Women’s hair loss affects 25 million women in the United States alone and 40 million men. Those are some rather large numbers.

This is my client Ritu. She came to me because she had some thinning as a result of medication she was taking. She had been to many others and was quoted extremely high prices and spoke to people who were uninformed and not very helpful to her. Here is what Ritu said after having some extensions installed by your’s truly:

Before and after a braid less sew-in

Before and after a braid less sew-in

“Hi Ama!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabbbb extensions! They look so beautiful and natural…perfect for me!”

On LuTress I’ll be talking about everything regarding hair. Hair extensions, hair replacement, hair loss and sharing how we can keep and get our sexy hair back. So if you want to know the latest in ALL hair stuff stay tuned!

I’ve Lost My Sexy!!!

I just came in from a 3 mile run and while I fancy myself a runner I’m actually just a jogger. The thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when I’m wearing my natural hair I get FAR LESS attention than when I’m wearing my weave. I believe that if we are honest with ourselves we would admit just how important attention from some interested person is. Whether we are available or not, we still want to know that we are attractive to others. I also believe that the of importance being attractive (outwardly any way) can vary depending on what stage we are in our lives. For example, I am a 44 year old, first time mother of a 2 year old and all that matters to me at this juncture is what he thinks. When I’m getting dressed and put on a pretty necklace and he says “you look like a princess mommy!” what more confirmation do I need?

That being said, my feelings (or ego as it may be) are not so hurt by the lack of cat calls I receive today as compared to 10 years ago. This may be the case for me, but for some people it is very important that they look good at all times. As a matter of fact, some people depend on appearance to keep a job. It becomes particularly important when something out of your control is the culprit, i.e. health issues and other causes of hair loss. Losing your hair for any reason can be devastating and it is not just about vanity. It is about your psyche being whole.

Stay tuned to my blog where we will talk about the effects of hair loss and share helpful treatments and systems that may help many of you.

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Who I am and Why I’m Here

I Started my hair business in 2008 and then restarted it with a new name last year (2014) but I’ve always wanted to write about what I do. Initially it was just hair extensions but now it’s grown into some grand ideas! I have so much I want to share with the world about hair and hair loss and figured this is a great way to start. I’m hoping to connect with people who need encouragement and those who offer encouragement to others through their own personal battles or those of their loved ones.  I’m hoping to bring awareness to the psychological impact hair loss can have on people.  Many people do not understand it and believe that it’s all about vanity. Believe me, it’s much deeper than that! I’ll delve into interesting topics about hair and hair loss and get my audience in on the conversation as well.